I'm happy to help you in advance so that you get the best possible recordings - so it's best to ask me before you start recording! That way you can benefit the most from my decades of studio experience as a producer.

File preparation


1. name all audio files short and concise, e.g.:

  • "RTMGTR-L_DI.wav"
  • "KICKDRUM.wav"
  • "LEADVOX.wav"

Please do not include the song title in the file name.

2. Preferred file format for audio:

  • Mono
  • 24 bit (bit depth)
  • 44.1 kHz (sample rate)
  • WAV or AIF

For other formats please ask.

3. stereo audio files only where it makes sense:

  • Synths
  • pianos
  • stereo drum overheads/rooms/fx tracks

4. deliver only consolidated audio files, all exported from the same starting point (BAR 0).

5. one standard midi file for each song, containing all midi information including tempo track (master track) and one marker track.

6. bpm information is sufficient for fixed song tempo.

7. please also a demomix of each song. mp3 is ok.


  • Clean DI tracks are absolutely necessary for re-amping!
  • Also include your finished GTR sounds (i.e. mic/cab recordings of real amps or rendered amp sims).
  • If you provide very good guitar tracks, you can use them for the mix (AxeFX, Kemper Amp, Top Class AmpSims, well miked tube amps/cabs).

Electric bass

  • Clean DI track is standard. Please always add it, even if you have recorded a bass amp track here.


  • always send all single tracks in mono.
  • if you use midi drums, I need the midi track of course. Please send a rendered stereo file containing your drum kit on SOLO. A midi drum map would also be helpful.


  • mono
  • EQ off!
  • no effects, limiters, whatever!


  • 1 stereo track per used sound. If you have a lot of tracks, useful submix stems are helpful.
  • Smartly supply all midi tracks as well, "just in case".


  • Do not send files that are not needed in the mix!
  • If you export files, set the channel faders to 0dB (unity gain), all serial fx to bypass. If you export a mono file from a stereo file, set the channel fader to -3dB to prevent clipping. 
  • After exporting, import all files into a new empty project and check again. This will prevent you from sending empty or damaged files.
  • Archive all audio files with WINRAR (PC) or ZIP (Mac) before sending them.
  • Put all files for 1 song into 1 folder (which will have song title and bpm in the name). Zip the folder and upload the archive.
  • For large projects you get login data for the SPACELAB SFTP server. For single songs use WeTransfer.
  • Tip: If you work with Cubase, you can also simply send the project folder as a zip file.
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